Finishing aluminum and other metals

Processing of sheet and plate in many common forms and formats

Whether lasering, punching, milling, edge bending or welding: the Höfer Group is your expert specialist for metal and sheet processing. Our state-of-the-art machinery park is equipped to handle an extensive range of processing options for sheet and plate in many common formats.

We process components supplied by you or those fabricated in-house with edge lengths of up to 6 m and thicknesses of up to 6 mm. We’re also your one-stop specialist for precision-milling work.

Metalworking – versatile and efficient

Innovative IT systems

Our design engineers use innovative 3D software to optimally create their drawings and designs. Subsequent to simulation testing, the CAD designs that are completed in our in-house design units are transmitted directly to the CNC punch, nibbler or edge bender units.

Our screen panels made of aluminum

We manufacture individually designed screen panels from powder-coated aluminum for your business or home. Screens are available in a wide variety of colors and designs and are designed and manufactured to your specification. Let us advise you.


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Blechking: Our online portal for sheet and plate precision-cut to your specification

Nice-priced sheet and plate precision-cut to your specification. Our Blechking online portal makes it possible. It makes ordering individual sheet and plate cut to your specification easy, e.g. for a prototype. In a few easy steps you make your selection from among the various materials and structures and provide your measurements. Special processing requests are also possible, e.g. recesses or holes can be realized on the basis of a CAD drawing provided by you.

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Surface finishing by the Höfer Group

Anodic or powder coating? The choice is yours since we offer both processes. Let our expects explain the pros and cons of these two finishing options. Together we can arrive at the optimal choice for your product.

Surface finishing options offered by us