High-strength aluminum alloys

Vertical casting production line

Aluminum is the right choice when it comes to a material providing for exceptional strength and light weight. In our foundry in Hettstedt, up to 45 tons of aluminum billet is vertically cast every day.

Our range of aluminum alloys are created in line with international standards or are engineered to order to customer specification.

Foundry at our Hettstedt site

Cutting-edge machinery, optimal efficiency

HMT Höfer Metall Technik has operated its own foundry at its Hettstedt site since 2006. Our certified specialists cast aluminum alloys to customer specification under exacting technical conditions. In our 13 ton furnace, aluminum scrap is melted down and transformed into alloys according to international standards or they are engineered to order. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and in-depth quality checks, we are able to provide for constant, high quality, even when large quantities are involved.

Recycling enables sustainable production

In the course of our fabrication processes, scrap is produced that we recover and recycle as raw material. By going to every effort to conserve resources and reuse material recovered in this manner, we are able to optimize our value chain. Environmental protection and resource-efficient manufacturing take front and center stage in the production of our alloys. Our sustainable, cost-effective processes benefit you, our customer, too, because they enable material and costs to be saved without negatively impacting quality.

Advantages offered by aluminum and aluminum alloys

  • Aluminum alloys are extremely strong yet light.
  • Aluminum possesses high innate anti-corrosion properties. These properties can be enhanced by adding an anodic coating.
  • The result is a material with a long service life that is fully recyclable when it has completed its lifecycle and reached the end of its life.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: aluminum is extremely weather- and UV-resistant (fade resistant) and impermeable to water vapor.
  • Since this lightweight metal can be easily processed and shaped, it is predestined for a wide variety of uses: from impact protection to decorative stripping, the possible uses are virtually infinite and range from the construction and automotive industries to aviation, not to mention being a favorite in DIY projects.
  • It can serve as highly a decorative surface or as a component providing for extremely tough mechanical properties.
We process your aluminum billet

Our work is by no means done after we have cast your aluminum billet: at Höfer we pride ourselves as your one-stop solution specialist for all your aluminum processing needs. Meaning we can process your aluminum billet in our extrusion plant at the same site. Advantage to you: time and delivery cost savings.

Find out more about our extrusion plant